How to Make Your Business Relationships More Meaningful Resources

No man or woman is an island — especially in the professional world. Even if you’re not a salesperson or an entrepreneur, your career will be made richer by knowing more people and having a larger circle of friends, colleagues, mentors, mentees, etc. It’s called networking, and it’s one of the most important things there is.

5 Ways to Stay Productive on Hot Summer Days Resources

Summertime: The living is easy and the working is hard. Or rather, it can be hard to work, as 95-degree weather leads to afternoon sluggishness, and the temptation to leave early and hit the beach is strong. How do you stay focused? In a Business Insider post titled “How to Be Productive at the Office During Sweltering Summer Days,” writer Hope Restle shares some tips...

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How to Be the Best Mentee You Can Be Resources

In the professional world, no one goes it alone. That’s why more and more people are realizing the importance of mentors — experienced individuals who take you under their wing when you’re starting out and help you develop your career. When choosing a mentor, it’s crucial to pick carefully, but as Nielsen VP of Diversity & Inclusion Natasha Miller Williams points out, it’s also essential to...

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Don’t Let These 3 Roadblocks Ruin Your Job Search Resources

When the going gets tough, jobseekers sometimes like to blame outside forces — the economy, for instance — for their difficulty landing interviews and offers. While there may be some validity to this, there are some common stumbling blocks that have more to do with the individual, and that can be more easily overcome.

How to Handle Negative Feedback at Work Resources

Everyone’s a critic, and when your boss is the one doing the critiquing — and it’s on the negative side — it can be tough to handle. Your first response might be to freak out or clam up, but as Ask a Manager blogger Alison Green writes in a recent U.S. News & World Report post titled “5 Tips for Responding to Negative Feedback at...

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