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11 Jan 2016

How to Begin Mapping Your Career

For many of us, a job is more than something that helps keep food on the table. It’s an “asset,” as career expert Hallie Crawford writes in a recent U.S. News & World Reports article, and that means we give to it with the hope it’ll pay dividends in the long run.

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08 Jan 2016

What to Do When You’re Fearing Layoffs

It starts with whispers in the break room. Then, you see your manager meeting with other higher-ups, and the overall mood seems grim. Pretty soon, rumors are rampant, and people are using the dreaded “L” word: layoffs.

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07 Jan 2016

Learn the Life Skills You Need to Advance Your Career

In the professional world, the skills that help you succeed aren’t always linked to the specifics of your job. Being good with spreadsheets or presentations or whatever else you deal with on a daily basis is crucial, but it’s not the whole story.

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06 Jan 2016

Are There Bridges It’s OK to Burn?

One of the most frequently repeated pieces of career advice is to never burn bridges. Ever. That means refusing to badmouth former bosses or colleagues or even sever ties with folks who no longer serve a purpose in your professional life. After all, you never know when your paths might cross again…

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05 Jan 2016

Major Job-Search Trends for 2016

When the ball dropped a few days ago, and everyone was talking about 2016 resolutions, were you thinking about changing jobs? The new year can be an excellent time for making career moves — even if the prospect of putting yourself out there and searching for new opportunities can seem a bit daunting.

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04 Jan 2016

What to Consider Before Taking a Second Job

Thinking of taking on a second job? You’re not the only moonlighter out there. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 7 million Americans held down multiple jobs in 2013. Earning income from more than one source can be a beautiful thing, but it can also lead to stress, burnout, and a lack of free time.

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31 Dec 2015

How to Bounce Back After Losing Your Job

Whether you’re laid off or fired, unexpectedly losing your job stinks. There’s no other way to put it. The feelings of shock and despair can be overwhelming — and that’s before you even start thinking about putting yourself back out there and launching a search for something new.

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30 Dec 2015

5 Awesome Networking Tips for the Holiday Season

Whether you’re looking for a job or hoping to move forward in the one you have, networking is a constant fact of life. The need to make new professional contacts never goes away — not even during the holidays, when you’ve got a million other things on your mind.

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29 Dec 2015

Help for Introverts Who Hate the Idea of Networking

Networking is a lot like exercising or eating your vegetables: It’s totally necessary but not always the most pleasant thing in the world. This is especially true if you’re an introvert, and the idea of talking to a bunch of strangers is even worse than running a marathon and then downing a giant glass of carrot juice.

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28 Dec 2015

How to Get More Enjoyment Out of Your Job

The old adage about the grass always being greener on the other side of the fence definitely holds true in the professional world. Whether you hate your job or simply feel stifled sometimes, chances are you have friends who are always posting on Facebook about how great things are where they work. Why should they have all the luck?

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24 Dec 2015

How to Reinvent Yourself In the New Year

There’s no time like late December to start thinking about reinvention. If there’s a major career goal you’ve been chasing, why not make it your New Year’s resolution to realize those dreams?

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23 Dec 2015

You Didn’t Get the Job — Now What?

The job-search process comes with many types of heartbreak, few more painful than being turned down for a position you really wanted. It can be a demoralizing experience, but according to career expert Liz Ryan, it need not be the end of the road.

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22 Dec 2015

A Guide for Making Career-Related New Year’s Resolutions

Everyone loves New Year’s, and it’s not just for the parties. It’s a chance to set goals for the month ahead and think about all those positive changes you’ve been meaning to make. It’s a time for hope and renewal — for reinvigorating yourself — but sometimes, it leads to disappointment.

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21 Dec 2015

Present Yourself as the Perfect Gift to Employers

Shopping for holiday gifts is hard. There are loads of options, and you want to buy your friends and loved ones items they’ll truly cherish. You may think you have it down to a science, but to some extent, it’s a matter of guesswork and good luck.

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18 Dec 2015

3 Reasons NOT to Ease Up On Your Job Search This December

As you’ve likely witnessed, not a whole lot gets done during the holidays. It’s a time for attending office parties and using up those remaining vacation days, and in addition to lightening workloads, most companies put the brakes on hiring. No wonder so many jobseekers see December as a time to take a breather and recharge the old batteries.

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17 Dec 2015

Career Myths to Ditch In 2016

When it comes to careers, most of us think we know how the world works. After all, we’ve looked for, held, and perhaps even quit jobs, and it’s all led to a set of beliefs that govern our actions and expectations. 

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16 Dec 2015

Interview Tips: How to Find Out What the Job Actually Entails

There’s nothing worse than the old bait-and-switch. You interview for a job, think it sounds great, and accept the offer, believing you’ll be doing all the fun and interesting stuff you talked about with the HR people. Then, you start doing the actual work, and it’s nothing like what you signed up for.