4 Ways to Fight Feelings of Professional Stagnation Resources

If you were to graph your career trajectory, it wouldn’t be a jagged line representing rapid rises and falls in enthusiasm and success. Sometimes, you find yourself on a plateau, feeling bored and uninspired by work you once deemed challenging and enjoyable. You’re down in the dumps, and it’s a lousy feeling.

Your Guide to Productive Venting at Work Resources

No matter where you work, your job likely requires you to interact with various people with different personality types and ways of doing things. Supposedly, you’re all on the same team, but it doesn’t always seem like it, and it’s easy — if not inevitable — to get frustrated with colleagues at one point or another.

How to Overcome the Pressure of a New Job Resources

Unfortunately, the transition from looking for a job to starting one rarely means a shedding of anxieties. In fact, you’re often trading one set of worries for another, as the stress that comes with proving yourself through cover letters and interviews morphs into the stress of proving yourself with the actual day-to-day responsibilities you campaigned hard to obtain.

The 10 Best Professional Organizations for Women Resources / Uncategorized

Professional organizations are fantastic for resources for networking, gaining new skills, learning about volunteer and mentorship opportunities, and generally sharing with ideas with others in your field. No matter what line of work you’re in, odds are there’s a group that’s right for you. Just as there are shortages of amazing professional organizations dedicated to blacks and Hispanics, there are scores of great ones for women. Read...

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The 10 Best Professional Organizations for Hispanics Resources

The power of a good progressional organization cannot be overstated. Generally offering networking opportunities, professional development, educational programs, legal advocacy, and other types of career support, professional organizations exist across the country in just about every field imaginable, and there are many just for Hispanics. What follows is a list comprising 10 of the best.

The 10 Best Professional Organizations for Blacks Resources

While America is sometimes seen as a country of go-getters and self-starters, few people get ahead completely by themselves. It pays to have help and support from others in your field, and that’s where professional organizations come in. Regardless of your career, an organization likely exists to provide opportunities for networking, education, and more. There’s no shortage of these groups devoted to African Americans, and...

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