A Quick Guide to Avoiding Workplace Distractions Resources

Time is a precious thing. There are only so many minutes and hours in the day, and yet sometimes, colleagues will come to you with dumb questions or forward you silly emails that throw you off your game and prevent you from finishing your projects. In the modern workplace, distractions are everywhere, and they can be tough to avoid.

Is Your Workplace Toxic? Here’s How to Tell Resources

According to PayScale writer Padmaja Ganeshan-Singh, there’s no such thing as a perfect job. There’s always something you’ll want to change, she says, and that’s OK — so long as you don’t feel “threatened, suffocated, or compromised on your principles, work ethic, or professional and personal well-being.”

Why to Ask “Why?” at Your Job Resources

High on the list of words you’re not supposed to use at work is “why?” After all, constantly questioning your bosses will make you seem like a combative employee who’s unwilling to play by the rules, and in most situations, it’s best to keep your head down and do you work.

5 Ways to Handle Being Overworked at Your Job Resources

Are you coming in early, staying late, logging weekend hours, and still not making progress on that work project that’s got you so stressed? Congratulations, you’re overworked. While you’re first instinct might be to complain, it’s worth asking yourself what’s worse: being swamped or getting fired?

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