Tips to Stop Procrastinating and Get Down to Business Resources

Procrastination is a real problem for many people. If you read the headline of this article and said to yourself, “That sounds interesting — I’ll give it a read later on,” you might be the type of worker who’s constantly putting projects aside, only to suddenly be confronted with urgent deadlines that could’ve been avoided. Luckily, there’s a way to break the pattern.

How to Bring Creativity Into Any Job Resources

Believe it or not, work doesn’t have to be constant drudgery. Even if you’re a number cruncher or someone who doesn’t get the chance the chance to do much writing or web designing, there are ways to add creativity to your day-to-day duties. Doing so is good for the soul, and as Joy C. Lin writes in a recent Daily Muse post, it can pay...

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Expert Advice for Women on the Move Resources

Even in these supposedly enlightened, gender-blind times, it’s not enough for women to be good at what they do. According to University of Maryland psychology professor Michele Gelfand, ladies with their eyes on leadership positions need to ask for what they deserve, though doing so isn’t always easy.

Creative Ways to Get Expert Career Tips Resources

If you’re a savvy worker living in the digital age, you know that networking is vital. You may have also begun the process of inviting colleagues and industry movers and shakers out on coffee dates. This is what you should be doing, but it’s sometimes hard to get people to take time out of their busy schedules to give you career advice. Free lattes aren’t that enticing.

Excellent Job-Search Mantras Everyone Should Learn Resources

When career expert Vicki Salemi worked in corporate recruiting, she helped companies with creating job postings and vetting and hiring candidates — a process she says took six to eight weeks at best. It’s not something that moves quickly, in other words, and as she says, it’s not supposed to. It’s in everyone’s best interests for the company to find a good fit.

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