A Quick Guide to Handling Tough Workplace Conversations Resources

In business, as in life, certain conversations are really, really difficult. They’re so tough, in fact, that we tend to avoid them, act passive aggressively, or go in angry and defensive. According to career coach Ariane Hunter, None of these strategies foster effective communication, but luckily, there are ways to prepare for talks you’d rather not have.

How to Make a Great Impression During Your First Week On the Job Resources

Just because you make it through the interview process and land a job, it doesn’t mean you’re done proving yourself. The need to make a good impression on your colleagues and bosses continues, and the first week is a crucial time in terms of getting yourself on track for success. You want to seem ambitious yet likable, eager to please but not annoying. How do you balance these...

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Excellent Financial Advice for Anyone Switching Careers Resources

For a variety of reasons, many workers in post-recession America find themselves with jobs that are less lucrative than the ones they had five or 10 years ago. Changing fields isn’t easy, even when it’s by choice, and it can often entail accepting lower wages and changing your lifestyle. But it doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

Are People Born With Great Leadership Skills? Resources

According to some, strong leaders are blessed with certain talents and personality traits they’ve had since birth. This is the “Great Man Theory,” as WordSmithRapport CEO and founder Karima Mariama-Arthur writes for Black Enterprise, and it suggests that only certain people have the skills necessary to guide others (and themselves) toward greatness. Mariama-Arthur isn’t buying it.

How to Find the Perfect Career Mentor Resources

Soul singer Bill Withers might as well have been writing about the professional world when he penned the famous line, “We all need somebody to lean on.” In business, no one goes it alone, and in recent years, the importance of having a good mentor has become increasingly apparent to workers of all ages and experience levels in various industries.

6 Great Tips for Long-Distance Job Searches Resources

Finding a new job is hard enough when you’re applying for positions in your own zip code. Start casting a wider net, and things get even trickier. In an informative Florida Times-Union post titled “Work Wanted: Some Tips for Success in Long-Distance Job Search,” writer Candace Moody offers six great pieces of advice for folks looking for work in cities other than their own. Read on...

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Smart Ways to Manage Money After Landing a New Job Resources

Gainful employment is a beautiful thing, but as Fiscal Times senior Work + Money editor Suelain Moy writes, it’s just “the first step toward financial independence.” In an informative post titled “New Job? Try These 9 Smart Money Management Tips,” Moy offers excellent advice for young workers who are earning their first paychecks and looking to make some sound financial decisions. Read on for a...

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