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If you were to hear about a company that’s closed every Friday and doesn’t require employees to do a lick of work — not even from home — would you be interested? Of course you would. You’d fire off a resume straight away and pray for an interview, and if you were to land the gig, you’d likely never leave, right? That’s the thinking behind firms like Treehouse, an Orlando-based online education platform that, since its founding in 2010, has operated on a four-day work week, thereby giving employees year-round three-day weekends. Treehouse CEO is the focus of a recent “Inc.” article, the Daily Muse reports, and in the piece, writer Adam Vaccaro explains why CEO Ryan Carson has come to love the unconventional model.

“Carson says the three-day weekends also help employees come into work all the more eager on Monday morning,” Vaccaro writes. “Having recharged for three days rather than two helps, he says, but even more effective is the threat of the week ending so soon. Thursday (the last day of the Treehouse work week) ‘comes fast,’ Carson says, so employees tend to work all the harder to make sure they meet their weekly goals inside that limited timeframe.”

Another company that’s dabbled in the four-day week is Slingshot SEO, and as employee Jay Love says, it leads to a more motivated workforce.

“Even though the team is working 10-hour days, the sense of urgency brings a high level of energy, and, in my opinion, focused collaboration,” Love says. “It is a joy to watch and to be sucked up into.”

While Daily Muse writer Adrian Granzella Larssen cautions that the four-day week might not work for companies that regularly interact with clients on more conventional schedules, not all firms are in this position, and with summer approaching, it might be a good time to give three-day weekends a shot. How do you make it happen? Larssen suggests bringing it up to the bosses, and before pitching the idea, you might try reading these helpful tips.

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