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There’s a lot to be said for honesty. It’s the reason the hashtag #FamousLies is so popular on Twitter, and it’s why Janelle Hazelwood recently penned a Black Enterprise piece about three career myths and mistruths that every worker should be aware of. While these might seem obvious to some, they’ve been known to trip up smart, qualified people, so scroll down, read Hazelwood’s advice, and be sure you don’t fall victim to the lies.

1. It’s OK to Lie On Your Resume — Just tell ’em you went to Harvard. They’ll never check, right? Wrong. “It’s never good to embellish information on a resume or including during an interview, especially on information that can surely be verified,” Hazelwood writes. This one might seem like a no-brainer, but in 2012, Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson was ousted for lying about his educational background on his resume. The better play: Be honest about the qualifications you’ve got and sell them as best you can.

2. Everyone Gets What They Deserve — If only the world worked this way. As Hazelwood reminds us, using a familiar phrase, “You don’t get what you deserve. You get what you negotiate.” The key here is to know what you’re worth and never take the first offer, Hazelwood writes.

3. It’s Good Enough to Do Great Work — In theory, being a thoughtful, attentive employee who always meets deadlines and comes up with great ideas should be enough, but in practice, it takes more than quality work to truly succeed. You’ve got to make the higher-ups notice you, “connect with coworkers and company influencers in a dynamic way,” and learn the fine art of self-promotion, Hazelwood writes.

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