While there are plenty of reason to be optimistic about the economy, unemployment remains a major problem, and as of February 2014, the national jobless rate stood at 6.7 percent. That figure led Lee McPheters, a professor at the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, to examine the data and see what U.S. cities are faring best in terms of adding new jobs.

“GDP has completely recovered, industrial production is completely recovered, stock market and exports at an all-time high,” Carey says, according to Black Enterprise. “Then you come to employment, we have not yet nationally replaced all the jobs that were lost and in many metropolitan areas, only half the jobs that have been lost have been replaced.”

McPheters’ research compares 2013 to 2012, and what follows are the top cities for non-agricultural job growth over that time:

1. Riverside, Calif. – up 4%
2. San Francisco – up 3.9%
3. Denver – up 3.6%
4. Houston – up 3.5%
5. Orlando, Fla. – up 3.2%
6. Seattle – up 2.8%
7. Phoenix – up 2.7%
8. (four-way tie) Dallas; Los Angeles; Miami; San Diego – up 2.6%

On the flipside, McPheters finds that Pittsburgh, Cleveland, St. Louis, and Philadelphia fared the worst from 2012 to 2013. Each of those cities added less than 1%, and of the four, Pittsburgh came in dead last.

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