Go to a job fair or networking night, and you’re just one of the many jobseekers vying for recruiters’ attention. How do you make yourself stand out? In a helpful post for, William Frierson shares “6 Things Recruiters Love to Hear” — sentences you can say or write that are bound to help you make your mark.

First up: “I love this company. It’s my dream to work here.” As Frierson puts it, saying this shows that you know about the firm and its basic business model, and that you have a sense of what a career there might entail.

How do you land that job? You’ve got to show you’re qualified, and that means sharing your CV. That brings up statement No. 2: “Here’s my resume, which includes a link to an online version with more information.” While it’s good to have a copy printed out on high-quality paper, Frierson says, you also want to make your information as easily accessible as possible. “If you have a smartphone that you can use to upload the file to her own website, send the file to her as an email attachment, or text her a link to your online version, you’ll be making her job easier,” he writes. “And that’s something everyone enjoys.”

Once you’ve passed along your resume, try this question: What do I need to do to make this happen? The key here is to show some initiative and make the recruiter realize just how intent you are on working for this company. “If you’re not only excited about the job, but willing to take the reins of the process and do some of the work on your own, that’s great,” Frierson writes.

Of course, you don’t want to seem like you’ll do anything to take the job. You most likely have salary requirements, and if there’s no chance the company is going to meet them, you’re simply wasting everyone’s time. Hence, this next statement: “My requirements are flexible, but I will need X and Y.”

Lastly, Frierson writes, sell yourself by adding something like this: “I love…and I’m really excited about…and I’m great at….” Here, you’ll want to fill in the blanks with positive, creative statements that show why you’re destined to work in the field.

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