when to leave your job

It’s a fine line between comfort and complacency, and when it comes to careers, the latter is never a good thing. When you feel complacent at work, you’re liable to waste your talent and tolerate so-so situations just because they’re familiar. Over time, that can lead to fear, as you may feel you’ve been out of the job market too long to compete with younger candidates.

Luckily, Camilla Cho has penned a smart piece for the Daily Muse all about when you should consider leaving your go-nowhere gig. As the Muse’s GM Strategic Development, she knows what she’s talking about, so scroll down to read seven signs its time to start looking for a new job.

1. You’re Going Nowhere — Has it been more than three years since you’ve received a promotion or advanced in any way? If so, Cho writes, it’s probably time to move on.

2. No One’s Giving Feedback — Ideally, you’re bettering yourself and growing as a professional all the time, but if your bosses aren’t telling you how you’re doing, that gets pretty difficult. “The best managers are engaged with your career development and regularly offer advice and guidance—and if yours doesn’t, you owe it to yourself to look elsewhere,” Cho writes.

3. You’re Learning Nothing — Again, the idea with any career is to constantly improve yourself, and while it’s sometimes up to you to foster learning by asking to take on more difficult projects, some companies simply don’t offer many opportunities for building knowledge. If yours is one, it’s time to scoot.

4. It’s a Sinking Ship — How many goodbye parties have you been to in the last few months? If the answer is “a lot,” that’s a sign the company is floundering, and that your coworkers know there are better opportunities out there.

5. The Restructuring Never Ends — Is management constantly changing the name of the game and shaking things up? That should tell you something, Cho writes. “If your company is regularly announcing a re-org or shuffling management around, this may indicate leadership issues or a shaky strategic direction,” she says.”

6. The Headhunters are Hunting — If you’re getting hit up by loads of headhunters, it might mean there’s a feeding frenzy in your industry, and that there’s more money to be made and better positions to be had elsewhere. Why not take a shot?

7. Your Gut Says Go — Sometimes, you just get that feeling it’s time to mosey. “No one knows your work environment better than you do,” Cho writes. “And if you get the sense that you might be better off somewhere else, heed that inner voice and go exploring.”

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