Conventional wisdom says that having a baby hampers a woman’s career, but Canadian author and mother of three Reva Seth doesn’t subscribe to that way of thinking. She’s written a book called “The Mom Shift,” all about how starting a family can pay professional dividends, and in a story for, writer Lisa Evans relays some of the valuable information Seth has for new mothers.

Seth interviewed more than 500 women for her book, and she found that many made what Evans calls a “leap of faith” after having a kid. They felt inspired to do what they’d always wanted to do, and Seth is testament to the ambition that can result from motherhood. She’d always wanted to write a book, but it wasn’t until she had a child that she started pitching publishers.

Motherhood also makes woman better at time management, Seth writes. “I always felt that I had a lot of time to do things, but then when I had a baby, I realized time is very finite,” Seth says. “There’s nothing better for measuring time than a baby because they change so much within a year.”

One thing that doesn’t change about babies: They require money, and in her book, Seth talks about how women sometimes use starting a family as “a catalyst for change.” Many of the ambitious ladies she interviewed asked for promotions or tried for bigger jobs after giving birth, as they wanted to provide for their families.

And if they got those promotions and better jobs, it might be because of how good they felt about themselves after becoming mothers. “Having a baby is very identity changing, but it can also be a real confidence booster,” Seth says.

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