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As the title of her acclaimed book “The Hip-Hop Professional: A Woman’s Guide to Climbing the Ladder of Success” suggests, Shanti Das is a powerful woman who knows music and business. After working for years at some of the biggest record labels in the biz, including Universal, she went solo in 2010 and launched Press Reset Entertainment, a company that provides mentoring and consulting to new artists.

Das has been around long enough to know the ins and outs of the professional world, and in a recent piece for Black Enterprise, she offers her fellow ladies three keys for achieving longevity and landing leadership positions in the workplace.

1. Maintain Your Integrity — It may sound counterintuitive, given how cutthroat the business world can be, but as Das rightly puts it, “all we have is our word.” Being smart and clever is one thing, but it’s never good to play dirty. “You always want to be a woman of your word, and make sure you let your work speak for itself,” she says.

2. Respect Yourself — When Das was a music-biz big whig, she “exuded respect for myself, and I would [command] respect from my male counterparts,” as she puts it, and that was one of the reasons for her success.

3. Be Accountable — There’s a tendency in business to pass the buck and blame others when something goes wrong. As Das explains, it’s better to own up to your mistakes and be accountable for your work. People are more likely to respect you that way.

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