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These days, many people are happy just to be employed, but believe it or not, some lucky workers have jobs they actually enjoy. That begs the question: What are the happiest jobs of 2014? As Black Enterprise reports, the number crunchers at CareerBliss decided recently to find out, and using their vast database of more than 57,000 user reviews, they compiled the following list of the 20 jobs most likely to make you happy.

CareerBliss reviews are based on eight categories: work-life balance, work environment, relationship with coworkers, compensation, job resources; opportunities for growth, daily tasks, and company culture. Users rate their jobs on a scale from 1 to 5, and the average scores for each of the site’s 450-plus job titles determined the rankings on this list. Scroll down to see what types of gigs have folks grinning this year.

20 Happiest Jobs

1. Research/Teaching Assistant
2. QA Analyst
3. Realtor
4. Loan Officer
5. Sale Representative
6. Controller
7. HR Manager
8. Software Engineer/Developer
9. Intern
10. Team Leader
11. Construction Manager
12. Facilities Manager
13. Marketing Consultant
14. Contractor
15. Designer
16. Finance Manager
17. Network Engineer
18. Property Manager
19. IT Consultant
20. General Manager (Retail)

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