Being smart is one thing, but in today’s business environment, IQ isn’t everything. Your EQ, or emotional intelligence, also matters, and according to a study conducted by Talent Smart Inc., the ability to keep cool under pressure and control your temper will serve you well in the workplace.

Just how important is EQ? As per Talent Smart, it accounts for 58 percent of a person’s overall job performance. It makes sense, then, that 90 percent of “top performers” have a high EQ, according to the study.

Being a top performer means earning more money, and Talent Smart’s researchers found that workers with high EQ ratings make $29,000 more per year than people with low EQ. The data gives credence to what many business experts have long believed: Being an effective leader means managing your emotions and keeping your eye on the prize.

Next time something goes wrong at the office, and you feel like you could cry or scream or throw your monitor out the window, take a deep breath. Flipping your lid will get you nowhere, and it might even cost you 30 Gs a year.

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