These days, everyone has a website. Whether you’re a freelance marketing consultant or an upstart baker looking to spread the word about your new cupcake shop, it’s crucial to establish a strong digital presence. That means doing more than simply purchasing a domain and throwing together some photos and text. But how do you build a website that really stands out?

During their 9th Annual Women of Power Summit, Black Enterprise asked S. Lynn Cooper, chief social officer at Socially Aware, to offer suggestions on how to make a website that truly works for your and your clients. Scroll down to read her three insightful tips.

1. Keep It User-Friendly — According to Cooper, it’s “critical you ensure that your website is welcoming and easy to read and use,” and a great way to accomplish this is by enlisting others—trusted colleagues or even an outside firm—to test the site and offer their feedback.

2. Get People Excited — Show a little imagination and use “powerful keywords and headlines,” Cooper says. You’re excited about your business, and you want customers to feel the same way.

3. Optimize, Optimize, Optimize — You could have the best website in the world, but if customers can’t find it, what’s the point? Ensure search-engine success by grouping your keywords and using distinct page names and meta tags. Also, make certain your pages are easy to click through, and that links to outside websites are functional.

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