Bad boss, bad boss, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

Sadly, having a poor manager is a fact of professional life for many of us. According to CNBC, nearly half of employees say they have a bad boss, and spend nearly 20 hours a week stressing about what a boss does or says.

While you can’t control your manager’s actions and behaviors, you can control how you respond to them. Workplace expert Lynn Taylor suggests you treat your bad boss like a toddler! They share traits like throwing tantrums, being overly demanding, and thinking only of themselves.

So, approach your terrible supervisor with the CALM approach:

Communicate: You can’t do it too often with a bad boss. Be open, honest, and document everything.

Anticipate: Be attuned to your manager’s emotions. If you sense a blowout coming, don’t push their buttons even more

Laugh: It defuses tension and lightens the mood.

Manage up: Be a “fixer” — help your boss solve problems and overcome obstacles that might be setting them off.

How do you deal with a bad boss?

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