Six seconds. That’s all the time your resume has in front of recruiters before they decide to keep or toss it in the trash. So, it’s incredibly important that your resume make a very good impression in those six seconds, and that means making sure you don’t make any common, easy-to-correct mistakes.

Here are five resume errors that plague many professionals:

1. It’s too long: Your resume should be one page. Period. No argument. Don’t care if your career is varied and interesting. Edit it down, ruthlessly.

2. It’s filled with buzzy, vague claims: One recruiter found that 75 percent of the resumes she saw had the phrase “transformational leader” on it. What does that even mean? If you can’t explain it in specifics, leave it out.

3. It’s not about you: Your job descriptions should focus on your work and your contributions. In this case, it’s not about the team.

4. It lists duties, not accomplishments: So what if you led Project X at your last job? That doesn’t tell potential employers what your skills are. Focus on outcomes, not journeys.

5. It’s got a lot of adjectives, not a lot of numbers: When it comes to your resume, show, don’t tell. Saying that you are “detail-oriented” or “organized” is meaningless. We live in a data-driven world – back up your qualities with cold, hard facts and figures.

Source: Fast Company, Forbes

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