How to Show an Interviewer You Really Want the Job Resources

Interviews can go lots of different ways. Sometimes, they’re real horror shows, and you can’t get out of there soon enough. Occasionally, though, the stars will align, and you’ll fall in love with the company, the culture, the atmosphere, and the compensation, and you’ll decide you really want the gig. What do you do?

In a super-informative Daily Muse story (re-posted on titled “4 Ways to Show That You Really, Really Want the Job (Without Looking Desperate),” writer Richard Moy offers expert advice on seeming eager but not overeager. There’s a tendency, he says, to really double-down on your efforts to sell yourself, but there are better ways to demonstrate your interest.

One is to supplement your email thank-you — standard operating procedure at this point — with a handwritten note. It’s a nice little touch that signals you’re interested and conscientious, and if you make reference to things you said in your first note, that’s all the better. (Better start practicing that penmanship…)

Moy’s next tip is to “go above and beyond.” A lot of times, postings on job boards will say things like “portfolio optional,” but that doesn’t mean you should take the easy way out. That portfolio is only optional if you don’t really care about the job. If you’re looking to get hired, give the interviewer everything he or she might be looking for. If an application takes a long, long time to fill out, so be it.

The next piece of advice is to actually tell the interviewer you want the job. While stating that fact isn’t necessarily smart on the first interview, Moy says, it came sometimes be A-OK to lay it on the line by the time you get to the final stages. You have to “play it by ear,” as every situation is different, but it’s an option you shouldn’t dismiss out of hand.

Lastly — and Moy warns this one “might be a little controversial” — you might “ask for swag” before leaving the office. By swag, Moy means those logo T-shirts, keychains, coffee mugs, and things of that nature that seem to clutter up every office. You don’t want to make it look like you’re only there for the tote bag, but by walking out the doors with one over your shoulder, you’ll help send the message that you’d love to join the team.

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