3 Ways to Maintain Your Health at Work Resources

If you have one of those jobs where you park in front of a computer at 9 a.m. and only get up to use the restroom and grab the occasional cup of coffee, you know the challenges of staying fit at work. It’s tough to get the blood flowing in a modern-day office environment, but as Maureen Bogart writes in a nifty Jobs & Hire post titled “Tips On How to Stay Healthy In Your Workplace,” it can be done.

Bogart’s first tip is obvious but spot on: “switch to healthy snacks.” When you start feeling that rumbling in your tummy, she says, you should get up, move around the office, and steer clear of that candy machine or that box of donuts someone left in the break room. If the motion doesn’t quell your appetite, and you need a nibble, reach for pieces of fruit instead of bags of sweets or chips. They’re more nutritious, and they might leave you feeling more satisfied than junk food.

Next up, Bogart says to “drink more fluids.” Staying properly hydrated is crucial if you want to maintain your energy throughout the day, and getting plenty of liquids will also help you stay alert and keep your brain running on all cylinders. “Take as much fluid as you want,” she writes, adding that drinking lots might even help you control cravings if you’re on a diet.

Speaking of fluids, Bogart’s last piece of advice — and this is a tough one — is to “quit coffee.” Sure, a hot cup of Joe has short-term benefits, but after that initial jolt of energy, you could crash — and crash hard. “When the effects of coffee subside, it could negatively affect your concentration, energy and overall productivity,” writes Bogart. You might also get hooked on the stuff, which is why it’s important to keep your consumption to a minimum.

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