DiversityOne Partners With Intel to Promote Diversity In Technology Resources

Earlier this year, Intel unveiled its Diversity In Technology initiative, an exciting $300 million program with an ambitious goal: achieving full representation for women and minorities in STEM fields by 2020. To help reach this benchmark, Intel has selected DiversityOne — the ultimate online destination for diverse individuals looking to advance their careers — as a “partner of choice,” and together, we’ve launched a brand-new jobs portal aimed at promoting diversity in STEM industries.

In the coming months, DiversityOne will post job listings — including hundreds of engineering positions — as well as custom original content intended to help prospective STEM employees take the next steps in their careers. The number of individuals who apply for and land jobs will be tracked, and a countdown clock at the top of the page will indicate how many job placements we’ve notched and how much time is left in the program.

The partnership between DiversityOne and Intel comes at a crucial time, as employment figures have brought national attention to the distinct lack of diversity in STEM careers. According to the United States Census Bureau, blacks and Hispanics represented just 6 and 7 percent of the STEM workforce in 2011, even though they accounted for 11 and 15 percent of all American workers. Numbers released by individual Silicon Valley tech firms have shown even greater disparities, highlighting the need for initiatives such as this one.

“We are proud to be partnering with Intel as the company breaks new ground as part of its overall goal to increase diversity within its workforce,” said Maria Weaver, Head of Sales for iOne, the digital platform behind DiversityOne and numerous other websites and radio stations that together reach millions of people each month. “Their goals are not only worthwhile and ambitious, but also unmatched within the industry. We applaud this effort and are happy to be supporting it.”

Visit DiversityOne’s new job portal and spread the news on Facebook and Twitter.

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