How to End Your Work Week With a Terrific Friday Resources

The popular acronym TGIF came about for a reason: By Friday, most people are physically and mentally exhausted, and the thought of doing any kind of heavily lifting (mentally or physically) is pretty much out of the question. In some ways, it’s nearly as tough a work day as Monday.

But the week need not end with a whimper, and in a great Daily Muse post titled “4 Easy Ways to End Your Week on the Highest Note Possible,” Michael Fertik of Inc. shares awesome tips for crushing Fridays.

First up: “Set yourself up for success.” This beauty of this tip is that Fertik doesn’t recommend doing any kind of hardcore planning for the week ahead. Just block out 30 minutes to get a sense of what’s due, and if need be, you can even scribble your notes on the back of a napkin. Bonus points if you can spend an additional 15 minutes Friday afternoon getting a jumpstart on this game plan and banging out one of those things you’ll be facing on Monday morning.

Whether you get started on Monday’s workload, Fertik recommends getting out of the office for a bit and giving yourself the type of mental break needed to finish Friday afternoon strong. This could take the form of morning coffee at the Starbucks around the corner, an afternoon snack at the ice cream joint a few blocks away, or even a short walk around the neighborhood, just to get the blood pumping.

Fertik’s third tip is to “be introspective” and reflect on the previous five days. What were your high points? What could you have handled better? According to Fertik, this conversation with yourself isn’t meant to fuel self-congratulation or self-flagellation. It’s a “short exercise to keep yourself on track,” and if you discover you’ve wronged someone in the past couple of days — maybe by being short-tempered in a meeting or an email — stop by their desk and apologize. Fertik recommends bringing coffee and a cruller, so maybe you can pick those up on your walk.

Finally, Fertik recommends starting the day with a to-do list and finishing everything by quitting time. As he says, “a list of tasks you know you can complete by day’s end is a guaranteed mood-brightener,” and it will offer tangible evidence that you’ve ended the week on a high note.

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