3 Online Job-Search Tools You Need to Be Using Resources

At this point, everyone knows about LinkedIn. It’s a hugely important platform for cultivating professional relationships, but it’s not the only valuable online tool that jobseekers have at their disposal.

In a recent Huffington Post story titled “3 Unexpected Tips For Finding A Job You Love Online,” career coach Suzanne Grossman dishes on some other digital strategies that anyone looking for work will definitely find helpful. Grossman’s first piece of advice is perhaps the least expected: “kick it old-school with listservs.”

Now, Grossman admits that listservs seem antiquated — and indeed, these low-tech email chains have been around for decades — but they’re a good way to connect with people in your specific field and learn about job opportunities as they become available. In terms of finding the right listservs, Grossman says it’s largely a word-of-mouth thing. Talk to others in your industry and consider checking in with your college alumni group (if applicable) to see what they recommend.

Next up, Grossman suggests seeking out the “best curated and specialized online job websites.” If you’re looking for nonprofit work, for example, Idealist.org needs to be on your radar, and no matter what field you’re in, there’s probably a job board just for you. Once you find it, sign up for daily or weekly email alerts using relevant keywords, so that you don’t have to check back every day to see what’s been posted.

Finally, Grossman recommends joining Meetup.com. The website is used for organizing gatherings of people in specific fields, and as Grossman says, the events are terrific opportunities to meet people and network. Some of these folks will be fellow jobseekers, not people with the power to make hiring decisions, but that’s OK: They might be able to share contacts and information you’ll find useful on your job search.

And Meetup.com is especially helpful if you’re looking to relocate to a new city. As Grossman writes, you can join groups even before you move and position yourself to feel like part of the community.

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