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I bet you’re wondering why in the world would I be talking about branding when this is a site focused on encouraging engineering students to remain in their programs and graduate with an engineering degree?! Well the answer is simple…if you want an internship or job, you need to seek opportunities that best align not only with your skills but also your personality qualities and image—your brand persona!
If you have not heard this phrase before, do not worry. On the other hand, if you have heard, but you haven’t yet established a brand persona, you may be wondering about the steps for creating a brand persona and the best time to start this process. I had the opportunity to interview personal brand expert, Mike Bruny, a.k.a. Ambassador Bruny, to talk about the steps for building a personal brand and the relevancy for college engineering students. Read this blog post, and if you want to hear more and have some time, be sure to watch the full video interview!

What is a Personal Brand?

According to Ambassador Bruny, a personal brand is intentionally deciding how you want people to know you; it’s who you really are and what you want to be known as. Similar to familiar products or companies labeled as brands, there is something about those that makes those things stand out. It’s not just the actual product but it’s the name; it’s the way you feel about it, it’s the quality.

Creating Your Personal Brand
Step One: Assess what you are passionate about
A self-assessment is the first step in identifying what your brand is. You must do a self-assessment and take a look at who are you what’s important to you–your values, your strengths—and then set some goals based on that. Assess your environment and identify the following:

Who are the people who will support you?
Who are the people who may be haters?
Who will be your advocates?
Who are the key the people you want to meet and learn from?
Step Two: Build relationships and a community of similar interests
Find or build the community of people who are like minded. To start, look within engineering organizations on campus.

Step Three: Lead – Thought leadership, Storytelling, Social Media
Stretch and look at projects that you can lead; where you can contribute, add value and make a huge impact so that you can add to your bio–your brag sheet. Look for opportunities to solve problems. Leverage social media as an outlet to amplify your brand.

Step Four: Manage your time and Priorities
You have a four or five year commitment with your education, so you will need to be able to manage your time and priorities. You will need to learn how to balance those extra projects, and activities with your engineering classes.

As you can see, establishing a personal brand can be very important step as you are working on your engineering degree and trying to decide what career you want to pursue. Your personal brand will give you the opportunity to learn more about who you are while adding more skills to your toolbox!

For more advice and details on creating your personal brand, watch the full video interview.

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