Do You Have a Personal Board of Directors? Resources

To ensure their longterm growth and viability, companies create boards of directors staffed with diverse individuals offering a wide range of talents and perspectives. You should do likewise.

That’s according to Mary Pender Greene, author of Creative Mentorship and Career Building Strategies: How to Build Your Virtual Personal Board of Directors. Speaking to Black Enterprise for a recent story titled “3 Reasons Why a Virtual Personal Board of Directors is Beneficial to Your Career,” Greene explained that having your own group of trusted advisors is like being in a traditional mentor relationship, only you’re not depending on a single person.

“You want someone that’s good with money, someone that’s good with career strategy, and someone that’s good with self-care,” Greene says.

What are the benefits of having a personal board? Black Enterprise writer Courtney Connley highlights three, the first being “access to diverse personal wisdom.” Over time, your career needs are going to change, and by drawing on the expertise of people with different skills and backgrounds, you’ll be better equipped to meet the evolving challenges of your career and continue moving forward.

The next one is a matter of practicality. These days, everyone is incredibly busy, and as Connley writes, it “maximizes time” to be able to solicit help from more than one person. While there might not be any individual on your virtual board who has the time to meet you for coffee any and every time you need them, chances are someone on the team you’ve assembled will be always be there for you. The virtual board cuts down on the time required of your mentors, in other words, and that’s extremely helpful for everyone involved.

Finally, having a board “helps you maintain relationships,” Connley writes. With job-hopping all the rage these days and 45 percent of college grads saying they expect to stay in their first jobs for two years or less, it’s easy to lose contact with coworkers. You go your way, they go theirs, and that’s that. Creating a personal board gives you an opportunity to stay connected, and as anyone schooled in the fine art of networking knows, connections are currency in this day and age.

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