3 Tips for Answering a Crucial Interview Question Resources

During a job interview, you’ll face many tough questions, the toughest of which might be this one: “Why do you want this job?”

Obviously, you can’t just say, “Because I need a job,” but avoiding those five works isn’t enough. A recent Lincoln Journal Star post titled, appropriately enough, “How to Answer the Question ‘Why Do You Want This Job?‘” contains three excellent tips for responding to the tricky query in a way that might get you a job offer.

The first one is to “show how your skills match.” As you formulate your answer, think about the original job description and the conversation you’ve had with the hiring manager up to that point. The goal is to link your skills and problem-solving abilities with what the company is looking for. You might phrase your response like this: “The position calls for XYZ, and that’s what I did while working at…”

Of course, the hiring manager isn’t just looking for someone with the right set of skills. There are probably loads of people out there who fit that description. You also need to “show your enthusiasm for the job,” though this isn’t simply a matter of simply talking about your own excitement. Frame your answer in the context of why the company is a place you see yourself sticking with for the long haul. The Journal Star article suggests saying something along the lines of, “Being able to build my skills and continue to develop in a growing company is important to me, and there seems to be long-term opportunities here.”

The final ingredient of a good answer is to “show how you fit into the culture.” Every company has missions and values, and by doing your research and connecting with friends and colleagues who work there, you can get a sense of what they are. Once you have that information, be sure you work it into your reply. If the company is big on teamwork and ethics, talk about how you thrive in collaborative environments where you can truly believe in the work you’re doing. At the end of the day, it’s about showing you’ll be both a strong worker and a good coworker.

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