Are You Getting the Most from LinkedIn? Resources

With roughly 360 million users, LinkedIn has become one of the most important online tools for jobseekers. At its most basic level, it’s good for networking — connecting with people somehow in your professional orbit — but according to the site’s senior director of corporate communications, Catherine Fisher, it can be used for so much more.

Fisher talked to Forbes writer Susan Adams for a recent story titled “Five Ways To Boost Your LinkedIn Profile,” and she shared some excellent tips for getting the most from the massively popular social-media side. Tip No. 1: “blog.” Fisher has used the LinkedIn blogging platform to write about being an introvert, and in addition to going the self-help route, she recommends writing about areas of expertise. According to Adams, LinkedIn blogs are opportunities for people to “enhance their reputation and an easy way to tell connections what they’re up to.”

Blogging isn’t the only cool thing LinkedIn lets you do. Fisher’s next piece of advice is to “update your profile using new features.” The site now allows you to add photos and other types of documents to your “career summary” and “experience” sections. Depending on your field, it may be helpful to actually show potential employers the type of work you’re capable of.

No. 3 is an oldie but a goodie: “Include a great head shot.” Ideally, you want to look professional and confident, but at the very least, make sure you’ve got something there. After that, Fisher says, be sure to “write a vibrant profile.” Again, you’ll want to use videos and pictures, she says, and thanks to a new function that enables users to post background graphics, you can make your information more eye-catching.

Fisher’s final tip: “Write a great headline.” If you have a straightforward job title, use it. If not, go for something like Fisher’s, “Helping People Build Their Professional Brand on LinkedIn.” It does a better job of telling people what she actually does, and that’s the point. Tell your story fast in a way that makes people want to click.

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