Are These the Most Promising Careers of 2015? Resources

While no one can predict the future, the experts at Kiplinger have a good sense of which careers are going to take off. In their new survey of The 10 Best Jobs for Your Future, they use present salary data and projections of job growth over the next decade to create a list of careers worth exploring this year. Read on for a summary of their findings.

Speech-Language Pathologist: With a median annual salary of $70,512 and a projected job growth of 18.9 percent, speech pathology is certainly an attractive field. The job might involve helping aging Boomers recover from stroke or hearing loss or working in schools with stutterers or kids with language disorders. One caveat: A Master’s degree and state licensing are usually required.

Community Service Manager: Another byproduct of Boomers getting older is the increased need for services like adult daycare and meal delivery. By running one of these operations, you can earn a median salary of $60,528, though you probably won’t make that right away. As Kiplinger points out, you generally need five years of relevant experience.

Health Services Manager: Another segment of the workforce benefiting from Boomers getting older: health services managers. These individuals run nursing homes and other types of medical facilities (surgery, physical therapy, etc.), maintaining patient records and carrying out related tasks. The median salary is $89,835, and the projected growth is 18.1 percent.

Computer Systems Analyst: According to Kiplinger, we’re living in “a nerd’s world,” though there’s nothing nerdy about earning $80,059 by helping companies meet their tech needs and stay on the cutting edge. If you’re a well-rounded tech type with strong problem-solving skills and business acumen, this might be the opportunity for you.

App Developer: The future is mobile. As Kiplinger reports, 70 percent of companies are investing in some form of mobile strategy, and that’s why the demand for app developers is expected to grow by 23.4 percent over the next decade. With a median salary of $92,081, app developer is the second-most lucrative gig on the list, and the more skills you have (Java or C# development, for example), the more you’ll make.

Registered Nurse: Once more, America’s aging population plays a role, though the country’s increased focus on preventative care and a general rise in medical technology have also contributed to the growing demand for registered nurses. Patient, compassionate, stable individuals willing to undertake this work stand to make $66,060, and there’s expected to be 450,000 new positions by 2024.

Nurse Practitioner: After becoming a registered nurse, you might consider grabbing a Master’s and becoming a nurse practitioner. NPs do a lot of the same things doctors do — conducting physicals and writing prescriptions, for instance — and thanks to Obamacare and the large number of newly insured Americans, more and more people need these types of services. That’s why projected job growth is 26.4 percent, and that’s not the only good news. This is the highest-paying job on the list, with a median salary of $92,768.

Information Security Analyst: Unfortunately, cybercriminals are everywhere. Fortunately, this is leading companies and government organizations to invest in digital security, and that means lots of opportunities for those with bachelor’s degrees in computer science, computer programming, or related fields. The median pay is $88,587, and the projected job growth is a whopping 32.7 percent.

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