3 Things You Should Totally Demonstrate On Your Resume Resources

When Kathy Bloomgarden, CEO of the global PR firm Ruder Finn, looks at resumes, she doesn’t just go by what’s on the page. She reads between the lines, trying to delve deeper into what candidates have accomplished in the past and hope to do in the future. In a post called “Here Are 3 Things You Should Have on Your Resume” — part of Fortune’s MPW Insider series — Bloomgarden offers some excellent tips on how to present yourself on paper (or, you know, PDF). Her advice is summarized below.

1. Outside-the-Box Thinking — As Bloomgarden writes, today’s business world is radically different from ones that existed in the past, and “following the standard rules of the game is not necessarily the winning formula.” In fact, it’s definitely not the winning formula if you want to land an interview at Bloomgarden’s company. She’s looking for individuals with resumes boasting the kinds of experiences that are bound to bring new perspective and inspire the entire team, leading folks to look at problems in new ways and increase creativity.

2. Potential for Greatness — It’s one thing to have a ton of great work experience. It’s another to be the kind of person with what Bloomgarden calls “fire-in-the-belly passion.” How do you prove that you’re the latter? You want a resume that shows you’ve pushed yourself to take on new roles and make the most of your situations. Bloomgarden isn’t looking for someone who’s going to just go through the motions, and she’s not alone.

3. Passion (+ the Proper Fit) — Lastly, Bloomgarden tries to figure out what a candidate hopes to accomplish with their next job, and whether the position in question fits with his or her passions and constitutes an opportunity for the individual to truly shine. The challenge with your resume, then, is to demonstrate the type of work that drives and inspires you and show how it ties in with the job you’re applying for. This may not easy, but as Bloomgarden writes, “When an individual’s passion is linked to their role, great things happen.”

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