How to ‘Crowdsource’ Your Job Search Resources

There’s wisdom in numbers, and throughout the business world, companies are using the practice of “crowdsourcing” — or gathering input and ideas from larger groups of people — to hone their innovation and strategies. That got speaker, consultant, and Mindsharing: The Art of Crowdsourcing Everything author Lior Zoref thinking about whether the same approach might work for individuals.

Particularly, Zoref focused on individuals looking for work, and the result was a Harvard Business Review story titled “Strategies for Crowdsourcing Your Job Search.” It comprises four excellent tips, the first of which is to “explore your passions.” Zoref begins by citing the story of a 28-year-old woman who used Facebook to invite friends to take her to work with them for a day. She wanted to see if any of their gigs suited her better than the one she had, and she found none of them did.

“Crowdsourcing helped her figure out she should stay put,” Zoref writes.

Those not wishing to be so open about their job search can also uses certain sections of the website Quora to pose questions to individuals at other firms and in other industries. There can be benefits, Zoref says, from remaining anonymous.

His next tip is to “get inside information.” Here, the web is again a useful tool, as cites like Glassdoor provide insight on everything from salary to the types of interview questions you can expect from certain companies. On a similar note, you can use online resources to carry out step three, “perfect your resume.” On reddit and Quora, there are long discussion threads on specific topics, and cites like Craiglist allow jobseekers to hire experts to edit their resumes.

Lastly, depending on where your passions lead you, it may become necessary to “build your experience.” Once more, Zoref recommends using Facebook, Twitter, and other social-media outlets to elicit help from others.

It all adds up to a variation of what Zoref calls “mindsharing,” and it just might land you the job of your dreams.

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