In a Career Funk? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions Resources

Forget all that mumbo-jumbo about passion. Sure, if you’re feeling less than satisfied at work, it’d be great to ditch everything and pursue that one thing you love most in this world, but not everyone knows what that one thing is. Some people don’t even have that one thing.

And according to a Time (via Daily Muse) post titled “3 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Feel Unsatisfied With Your Job,” that’s OK. There are other ways to overcome your career malaise and figure out what your next move should be, and the trio of queries suggested in the article is a good way to start the process.

Question No. 1: “What can I do to help other people?” While this might seem counterintuitive — you’re trying to suss out what you should do next, after all — focusing on others might be a way to take stock of your skills and separate what you’d like to do from what you’re actually capable of doing. There is a difference.

Second is this gem: “What does my ideal day look like?” Now, this is your ideal work day, so forget about hitting the golf course or chilling poolside with an umbrella drink. Do you want to walk to work? Have flex time for visiting the gym between meetings? Unwind with team members after quitting time? Work independently — perhaps from home? Visualize the daily work experience you’d like to have and make that your goal.

Finally, if you can’t pinpoint your precise passion, think, “What do I find intolerable?” Is there some aspect of work that’s a deal-breaker? By reading things like the Daily Muse post “The Real Reason Your Job Isn’t the Right Fit,” you’ll get in touch with your core values, which are vital to know when you’re plotting your perfect workday and thinking about what type of job might be right for you.

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