Can You Really Love Your Job Every Single Day? Resources

What if you could go to work each and every day feeling totally enthusiastic and inspired? It might sound crazy — especially since a recent Gallup poll shows that 70 percent of Americans don’t feel engaged with their work — but as Zone of Genius Assessment creator and performance strategist Laura Garnett writes in a post for Fast Company, the idea isn’t so unrealistic.

The story is titled “How to Love Your Job Every Day,” but really, Garnett’s five-item list centers on reasons to believe such constant happiness is possible. First up is the fact that jobs are always evolving, and now, it’s easier than ever to “create a perfect fit.” That’s because smart companies know that talented workers are a valuable commodity, and that it’s in their best interest to help employees feel engaged in their work.

“There may be far more jobs out there than you think,” Garnett writes. “Your dream job exists.”

Second on her list is the trend of people wanting more from their jobs than paychecks. Milennials are about “purpose, not profits,” and many companies are taking this into account and recognizing a need to “be more clear on their own purpose.” As Garnett writes, this enables workers to align their purposes with those of the companies they choose to work for.

While it’s nice to think companies have the happiness of their workers in mind, there are other incentives for them to create comfortable, supportive, flexible, and inspiring workplaces. As Garnett reports, citing a story from the Wall Street Journal, firms rated as good places to work by employees have done better than the Standard & Poor’s 500 over the last six years.

Maybe it’s because happy workers are productive ones. Another item on Garnett’s list: “Companies want to do more with less.” Even if they can’t always offer big raises and bonuses, employers can compensate workers other types of benefits, such as the gourmet meals Garnett enjoyed while working at Google.

The one other reason Garnett believes it’s possible to love your job each and every day: Being a superstar depends on it. If you’re the type of person who wants to shine in your field, you’ll need passion and drive, and those things come hand in hand with loving what you do.

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