What Are the Top Jobs for Introverts? Resources

Being introverted doesn’t mean being shy. As Business Insider reminds us, introverts “get their energy from within,” and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, about half the population falls into this category. Unfortunately, the world tends to favor extroverts, or those who draw their energy from others.

Luckily, the website PayScale has sifted through its database and selected the 10 best jobs for introverts. Read on for a list of vocations perfect for those who prefer keeping to themselves.

10. Social Media Manager — Here, you interact with thousands of people, but it’s online, using Twitter and Facebook and the like, so introverts need not fret.

9. Small-Engine Mechanic — On the bright side, you’ll be too busy tinkering away to do much chatting. Unfortunately, Business Insider points out, the gig only pays about $30,000 a year.

8. Forester — If studying and maintaining forests, lakes, and other natural areas appeals to you, this is your dream job. Ladies, take note:┬áBusiness Insider┬áreports that 92 percent of all foresters are male.

7. Archivist, Curator, or Museum Technician — Those not deterred by the $38,300 salary (the reason it came in at No. 7) might enjoy this job, which involves spending lots of time at museums and libraries, often away from people.

6. Web Developer — As with Social Media Manager, all the communication here is done virtually. One thing is real, though: The $56,700 salary.

5. Fine Artist — Sure, some artists are pretty outgoing folks determined to get their name and work in front of others, but this super-creative vocation also attracts those who like the solitude of the studio.

4. Video Game Artist — This is yet another career that lets you show your creativity, and do so without interacting much with others. It’s tied, as per PayScale’s rankings, with the next one on the list…

3. Personal Chef — Here’s a good one for introverted ladies, as 62 percent of personal chefs are women. At times, you’ll make dishes for large crowds, but you’ll spend more time with their entrees than you will with them.

2. Statistician — For those who get a charge out of spreadsheets. The $71,400 median salary certainly sweetens the deal.

1. Petroleum Geologist — This one doesn’t actually involve digging or sifting through rocks, but rather “modeling large engineering projects and analyzing data,” as Business Insider reports. What makes it so attractive? How about the $124,500 salary?

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