What Are the Top Entry-Level Jobs for New Grads? Resources

If you’re the proud owner of a new diploma who’s entering the working world, you might consider becoming a Training Specialist.

As Business Insider reports, the personal-finance website WalletHub has done an assessment of entry-level jobs and found that particular profession — which entails “designing training programs used to improve an organization’s performance” — to be the most attractive.

What makes this such a sweet gig? There are more than 100,000 openings across the country — most of them in Massachusetts, California, and Washington, D.C. — and the median starting salary is $47,621. The jobs are going fast, but with a projected growth of 15 percent by 2022, there should be enough demand to keep Training Specialist a worthwhile pursuit for the foreseeable future.

Scroll down for the complete top 10 list, as well as the rankings as determined by highest starting salary and most income growth potential. Those are two of the 11 metrics WalletHub used to make the list. In all, the website looked at 109 professions, and interestingly none of the overall top 10 make the top five on the list of the vocations with the highest starting salaries. It just goes to show that money isn’t everything.

“We want the attractive combination of a high starting salary and growth potential in terms of compensation as well as responsibility. We want stability, and we want to do what we love,” writes John S. Kiernan on the WalletHub website. “The question is how to go about obtaining such things in this uber-competitive job market.”

10 Best Overall Entry-Level Jobs
1. Training Specialist
2. Web Applications Developer
3. Network Engineer
4. Attorney
5. Environmental Engineer
6. Software Engineer
7. Designer
8. Information Security Analyst
9. Financial Analyst
10. Programmer

Highest Starting Salaries
1. Tax Attorney
2. Drilling Engineer
3. Attorney
4. Patent Attorney
5. Employment Law Attorney

Most Income Growth Potential
1. Employee Relations Specialist
2. Consumer Loan Officer
3. Geologist
4. Geophysicist
5. Writer (Web)

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