7 Signs You Need to Leave Your Job Resources

It’s never easy to leave a job. Looking for work is tough, and even if you’re unhappy in your current situation, you may be wary of taking a risk, quitting, and searching for something better. But sometimes, leaving is the right move. In a Daily Muse post titled “If You See Even One of These Signs, It’s Time to Leave Your Job,” Jayson Demers of Inc.com offers some great advice on when to hit the road.

1. You’re Going Nowhere — According to Demers, good jobs involve “momentum.” This could mean climbing the proverbial corporate ladder and making more money, or it could simply involve acquiring new skills. However you choose to define momentum, if you’re experiencing none, and you’re feeling stagnant, it could be time for a change.

2. The Company’s a Sinking Ship — Every company has its high and low periods, but if revenue is falling year after year, and layoffs are becoming more and more common, it’s could mean the firm isn’t simply in a slump — it’s headed for collapse. As Demers says, “Start looking for a new opportunity now, while you have some control.”

3. You’ve Got a Bad Boss — No matter the industry, true leaders support, motivate, and inspire their workers. At the very least, they should be competent. Should you find yourself in a situation where your supervisor isn’t helping you grow, it might be time to mosey on. While Demers admits that good bosses are tough to find, he insists “it’s worth your effort to try and find them.”

4. You’re Feeling Undervalued — This isn’t simply about money. If you’re doing good work, and no one is noticing or making you feel like a vital part of the team, that’s a big problem. Go somewhere where you’re appreciated!

5. You’ve Lost Your Passion — This isn’t a question of loving your job. As Demers says, “passion” can exist even when you’re frustrated or stressed out. It’s about feeling invested in your work and wanting to soldier through tough problems. If you’re not motivated to continue, it’s a sign you could use a change.

6. You Don’t Fit With the Culture — At any workplace, things like dress, tone, and prevailing attitude matter. If you’re not comfortable with the company culture, your chances of success are slim. In some cases, you may have the power to change things, but if not, look for a better fit elsewhere.

7. There’s Something You’d Rather Be Doing — Do a little soul-searching. Is there some path you’re longing to follow? Maybe you’ve always wanted to start your own business or go back to school. It’s easy to choose stability over happiness, but Demers warns against it. “If there’s something you want in life,” he says, “and that desire keeps coming back to you, you’re never going to be satisfied with where you are.”