3 Skills Absolutely Essential for Any Career Resources

Every career is different, and the skills required to be a good electrician aren’t exactly the same as the ones needed to be an effective air-traffic controller or kindergarten teacher. But there is some overlap, and in response to the Quora question, “What skills are necessary for all jobs” (via Slate), entrepreneur, CEO, and It’s My Life! I Can Change If I Want To author Richard Walker came up with a list of three essential skills. Read on for a summary.

1. Communication — As Walker writes, “communication is the foundation for all relationships,” and he’s not just talking about the ability to speak properly, though that certainly is important. Being a good communicator also entails listening, public speaking, writing, and nonverbal skills, such as having good posture and using appropriate gestures. And then there are what Walker calls “emotion-based skills,” which include giving empathetic responses to others and displaying passion for things.

2. Leadership — There’s a misperception, Walker says, that leadership involves being the man or woman in charge. In fact, he writes, “the best form of leadership is the quiet, internal, self-leadership that great leaders have developed well before they take the spotlight.” You should lead by example, in other words, and inspire others to be their best by holding yourself to high standards. Think positive and make good, strong actions, and you’re on your way.

3. Confidence — There’s a difference between being confident and being cocky. Confidence, Walker writes, is having knowledge of yourself, your abilities, and your ability to solve problems. It’s something that comes with time, and it’s a skill you can develop. It’s also “the most attractive quality of any person in any circumstance,” so it’s vital in the professional world. “The more you learn about your abilities, the more confidence you will naturally have,” Walker writes. “Approach every situation with a mindset to learn about yourself and you’ll continually add to your level of confidence.”