According to Charles Galda, CIO of technology centers and services at GE Capital, all business share a couple of things in common. They’re interested in “delivering value” and “driving growth,” so when they hire new people, they’re looking for individuals who can help achieve those two things. Whenever Galda interviews candidates, there are three essential traits he looks for, and they form the basis of “3 Key Questions to Ask Yourself Before a Job Interview,” an informative list he’s penned for Forbes. Read on for some great tips on how to better prepare for your next interview.

1. How Inquisitive Am I? When you go in for an interview, it’s not enough to answer questions. You need to prove you’re interested in what the company does, and that you’d like to learn more about how it provides unique goods and/or services for its customers. Start by doing your homework and learning about what makes the firm special. Then, give thoughtful answers that “reveal your true interest and understanding of the subject matter,” as Galda puts it. The interview should be a dialogue, not a simple Q&A session.

2. Am I a Problem Solver? No job is totally predictable, and the challenges you’ll face on a day-to-day basis are bound to change in accordance with internal and external situations beyond your control. The key is to show you’re a problem solver who can roll with the punches and be “agile” and “dynamic.” During the interview, talk about times you’ve used “outside the box” thinking to take care of business, and if your background makes you a unique candidate, this is the time to explain why your unusual experience makes you a stronger candidate.

3. Can I Be a Team Player? These days, Galda writes, “small teams” are playing an “increasingly dominant role in the future of business.” As you sell yourself during the interview, don’t simply mention your personal accomplishments, no matter how impressive they are. Talk about how you’ve contributed to group efforts and explain why your ability to work well with others will benefit the company.