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Looking for a new job this year? You’re not alone! As TIME writer Donna Rosato reports, a recent Right Management survey suggests that 86 percent of workers in North America will be looking for a new job in 2015. Talk about competition! Luckily, Rosato presents “4 Strategies to Land Your Dream Job This Year.” Read on to see what she suggests.

1. Take the Inside Track — Because many companies post job openings internally, it pays to know people at companies you’d like to work for. This can be achieved through networking — which will also give you a sense of company culture and what day-to-day operations are like. If you don’t directly know anyone at your desired companies, use LinkedIn.

2. Put Yourself Out There — Your chances of getting hired are higher if you’re a known quantity with a presence in your industry. When you attend events, network and ask questions. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is filled with keywords relevant to the type of job you’re seeking. Highlight your work by creating a website people will find when Googling you.

3. Embrace Temping — Sure, there are downsides to being a temp. You’ll make less money and lack long-term security, but according to Rosato, temp gigs are a chance to pick up valuable skills and connect with people that might help your career. What’s more, Careerbuilder reports, 46 percent of employers hire temp or part-time employees onto the full-time staff.

4. Show Some Flexibility — Often, a recruiter will contact you with a job you’re not interested in. You should still find out more about it, Rosato suggests, as the recruiter might be clued into other opportunities that are more in line with what you’re looking for. You might also know another person who’d be perfect for the gig, in which case you can earn some karma points by sharing the tip with a colleague.