With 2014 drawing to a close, many of us are making new year’s resolutions. While sticking to them can be tough, CareerBuilder vice present of human resources Rosemary Haefner urges everyone to follow through on at least one: making beneficial career moves in the coming 12 months. How do you make it happen? In a great post for USA Today, Haefner shares “Four Tips for Advancing Your Career in 2015.” Read on to see what she suggests.

1. Challenge Yourself — In the professional world, there are few words worse than “complacency.” Once you get stuck in a comfort zone, you’ll stop growing, and that makes you less effective — not to mention less attractive to decision makers. Step out of your bubble and challenge yourself with projects that will require you to learn new skills.

2. Don’t Go It Alone — We all need a little guidance, and while bosses can sometimes help a lot, Haefner recommends finding someone else at your company to serve as a mentor. Ideally, this individual is experienced and respected, and he or she need not work in your department. The key is that they “offer career guidance, advocate for you come review time and help navigate any office politics that may stand in the way of your advancement,” as Haefner writes.

3. Keep Up with Industry News — Your company isn’t the whole world. To truly succeed, you need to keep up with all the latest industry news, and you can do so by doing things lik subscribing to newsletters and attending conferences.

4. Make Your Presence Known — You’ll never prove yourself by sitting silently in meetings and simply nodding along with everyone else’s ideas. You’ve got to share yours, even if they go against the grain, Haefner insists. “Just make sure what you say is well thought out and adds to the conversation,” she writes.