Everyone loves making new year’s resolutions. Come January 1, we tell ourselves, we’re going to exercise more, start eating better, devote more time to our passions, and of course, find a new job. That last one can be a toughie, but according to career expert Roberta Matuson, who’s known as “the Talent Maximizer,” there are certain things you can do to increase your chances of finding an awesome job in the new year. She offers up six tips in a great Forbes post titled “How to Land Your Job in 2015,” and her advice is summarized below. Good luck!

1. Forget About Vacations — When you’re in hardcore job-search mode, you can’t abscond to Europe for two weeks. Looking for a job is a full-time job, and you should treat it as such. “If you are serious about landing a job in 2015 or making a job change, then put your vacation plans on hold until you have an offer in hand,” Matuson writes. “Then go ahead and take two weeks off to celebrate.”

2. Steel Yourself for Misfires — Before you find the job that’s right for you, you’ll interview for a bunch that are wrong for you. Along the way, you’ll meet some bad hiring managers, and whether they’re rude or just plain incompetent (or both), they’ll leave a bad taste in your mouth. Don’t let them get you down, though. Your dream job is out there.

3. Show Some Persistence — If a company doesn’t respond to your calls or emails right away, it might not be because they’ve deemed you an unworthy candidate. People are really busy these days, and you’ve got to be persistent and follow up regularly to stay on folks’ radars. Matuson advises checking in every couple of weeks, and there are multiple ways to do so. For example, you might try adding to your value by “sending along an article that you came across that you thought might be of interest to him or her.”

4. Look for Temp Work — There are a few reasons for this. You’ll make money, for one thing, and since you’re actively working, there’s a shot you’ll be more attractive to potential employers. What’s more, you’ll be forced to focus your job-search efforts, since you’ll no longer have all day to putter around online looking for opportunities.

5. Don’t Wait Until January — Yeah, the holidays are upon us, but people are still at their desks. No time like the present.

6. Don’t Go it Alone — If you can afford it, hire a job coach. If not, enlist a close friend to serve as your “accountability partner.” “Having someone who can keep you on track will make a huge difference in your search,” Matuson writes.