As you may have noticed, it’s hard out there for jobseekers. Regardless of the field, competition is fierce, and being a hard worker with great experience isn’t always enough. You need to differentiate yourself from the pack, and that impetus is leading more and more people to experiment with creative resumes. These are CVs that use unusual design to catch the eyes of hiring managers, and as the experts at CareerCast write in a post for PennEnergy, some bold souls have even tried applying for jobs with Vine videos and candy wrappers. When should you buck convention and try some of these tactics? The CareerCast folks outline four things you should consider before straying from tried-and-true templates.

1. What’s the Job? — If you’re looking to become the curator of an art gallery or dance studio, it might make sense to try something creative. If you’re an accountant, lawyer, or banker, however, you might think twice before getting all funky with the fonts and line breaks.

2. Are You Using Keywords? — Nowadays, many companies use a thing calledĀ Applicant Tracking System, and if you don’t use certain keywords that hiring managers are looking for, it’s possible your resume will be chucked aside before it’s even considered.

3. There Are Still Rules — According to the CareerCast experts, folks in charge of hiring spend about 60 seconds looking at the average resume. That’s not much time, so don’t make them hunt around for your name, email address, and other essential bits of info. Make sure you outline your professional accomplishments and include enough data to give a general sense of your career timeline.

4. Are You Being Original? — Don’t use a crazy-colored resume for no reason. Your creative choices should reflect who you are, and if you simply copy someone else’s original ideas — perhaps by using some online template — you’ll totally defeat the purpose.