There are lots of great companies to work for. More and more, employers are realizing that by treating people right, they can cut down on turnover and increase productivity. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of lousy places to work, and it’s possible you’ve landed at one. If so, frustration might lead you to say things like, “I swear, I’m going to quit,” but when should you actually act on your frustration and take a hike? In a great Daily Muse post titled “5 Signs You Should Quit Your Job in 2015,” Laura Garnett of Inc. shares the following excellent suggestions.

1. You Have Zero Engagement — If you’re neither invested in your work nor having a good time with your coworkers, it may be time to go. Once a week, Garnett suggests, stop and take stock. If feelings of boredom and frustration are canceling out any fun or enthusiasm, start planning your exodus.

2. You’re On a Sinking Ship — While it’s somewhat comforting to know that you’re not the only unhappy person at your office, it’s also a sign things are really bad, and that they’re probably not going to get better. Watch out for what Garnett calls “survival mode,” that state where people have given up on even trying to make improvements.

3. You’re Not Valued — It isn’t even about money. If you’re working crazy late every night and devoting yourself fully to your work, only to have management ignore your contributions or at fail to give you the respect you deserve, you might start looking for greener pastures.

4. You’ve Lost Faith in Management — Do you disagree with the higher-ups’ management style and question whether they’re steering the ship in the right direction?

5. You’ve Checked Out — If you’re perpetually “working for the weekend,” as the song says, and you have “no connection to the company’s success,” as Garnett writes. it’s time to pack it in.