The year is almost over, and if you ask Marquita Miller, founder and CEO of the Kansas City accounting firm Five Star Tax and Business Solutions, now’s the time to start planning for a great 2015. Miller recently hosted a Ladies Business Retreat, and based on her experiences helping female professional create action plans for the next 12 months, she put together a post for Black Enterprise titled “6 Ways to Snap Into Greater Success in 2015.” It’s filled with helpful advice, so read on and see how to own the new year.

1. Review 2014 — Go back and take stock of your challenges and successes. Miller asks those she works with to choose five words to sum up the year that’s about to end. “When you take an honest look at what has happened, you can better plan for what needs to happen,” she says.

2. Imagine Your Success — Think about December 31, 2015. Where will you be? What have you accomplished. Visualize all of the success you’re hoping to have and write it down somewhere.

3. Admit Your Shortcomings — The sooner you take ownership of the bad habits and fears that are holding you back, Miller writes, the sooner you’ll be ready to overcome them and move forward. Once you’ve made note of the roadblocks you need to leap, outline a plan. Whether it’s procrastination, fear of success, or something else entirely, there’s a way through it.

4. Know Your Role — We all have our unique talents, and as Miller wisely points out, “you do not have to be everything to everybody but you are someone to somebody.” By figuring out your role, you’ll be able to devise a working process that makes sense for you.

5. Improve Your Customer Service — It all comes back to what Miller calls “the golden rule of business”: “Put yourself in the place of the customer.” Even if you don’t work in an industry where you’re dealing with clients face to face, think about the experience you create for those you work with.

6. Don’t Just Think About Success — Say it out loud! Visualizing all of the amazing things you’re going to do is one thing, but Marquita advocates saying out out loud. “Declare that you have cutting edge processes and witty ideas which are beneficial to your success!” she writes. Amen!