To some extent, job stress is unavoidable. But it’s not impossible to overcome. In a post for titled “Chill Out With These 7 Office Relaxation Tips,” writer Kate Swoboda shares some ways to ease the tension. Her advice may be tailored for entrepreneurs, but it’s applicable no matter what you do for a living. Read on and get ready to feel better.

1. Don’t Forget to Breathe — As Swoboda writes, there’s an app called Zazen Suite that will ring a bell at regular intervals and remind you to practice mindfulness. This is one way to remind yourself to take time out every now and then — once an hour, perhaps — to take a deep breath. You can also just set a timer on your phone or computer.

2. Break Your Routine — Many of us our creatures of habit, and that’s not always for the best. Instead of listening to stressful news reports while commuting to work, try rocking some fun music. If you ride public transit, bring along a book you’re loving. Swoboda also suggests seeking out and saying “good morning” to the most cheerful people in your office.

3. Turn off the Tech — Being connected doesn’t make you more relaxed. When you’re not using email, close that tab or window. Lay off the social media during break time. Seriously.

4. Learn to Deal with Difficult Colleagues — We all have people at work we don’t get along with. Rather than go through your day trying to avoid them, make a plan to make peace. This can often be accomplished through conversation. “Life is far too short for you to go to work every day feeling stressed around someone,” Swoboda writes. “Do what you can to resolve conflicts.”

5. Set Realistic Goals — If you pile 50 things on your daily agenda, you won’t get through them all, and you’ll feel bad about it. Be more realistic about what you can accomplish.

6. Ask for Feedback — The best workplaces are those where people feel free to respectfully share ideas about what is and isn’t working.

7. Facilitate Laughter and Relaxation — Here, Swoboda’s advice is more appropriate for managers, but even if you’re not in charge of a team, and you can’t begin a meeting with an impromptu dance party, you can do little things to keep people smiling and laughing around the office.