It’s no wonder Terrie Williams is set to speak at Black Enterprise’s 2015  Women of Power Summit. The author, entrepreneur, activist, licensed clinical therapist, and former publicist for Miles Davis and Eddie Murphy doesn’t mince words when it comes to stating her powerful purpose. “I’m here to serve humanity, to guide, to be a resource to help people,” she told Black Enterprise, explaining that she’s received a lot of assistance along the way, and that she plans to pay it forward.

One way is by sharing “3 Ways to Empower Yourself of the Office.” This trio of tips just might help you gain strength and fulfillment in your personal life and use those feelings to conquer your career. Read on to see what Williams suggests.

1. Learn the Importance of Reputation — People often know of you before they actually know you personally. Your reputation precedes you, in other words, and that’s why it’s vital to make a positive impression. And this doesn’t just apply in situations when you’re dealing with a VIP. As Williams says, you “never know who is in a position to help you,” so strive for honesty, professionalism, and sincerity. Be prepared, she says, and deliver the goods.

2. Chase Those Dreams — This is a tough one, especially since many people’s dreams aren’t compatible with their current job situations. Still, Williams insists that opposition “will be taken care of” once you commit to achieving your goals and chasing your dreams.

3. Do Something That Scares You — No one achieves greatness via their comfort zone. Step outside of it daily, Williams recommends, and know that when you do, those feelings of nervousness are a sign you’re “taking your game to the next level.” Playing it safe is tantamount to being “pathetic” or “flat lining,” neither of which is a positive thing when you’re trying to inspire yourself to reach bold new heights.