No matter how smart or talented you are, you can’t be assured of smooth sailing throughout your career. Those proverbial waters will get choppy, and you might even capsize a few times. And that’s OK — the crucial thing is to right yourself and keep on sailing toward whatever’s on your horizon. As Peter Economy of writes in “Why Resilient People Are Happier — and How to Be More Like Them,” a great new post for the Daily Muse, there are little things we can all do help ourselves emerge from dark waters feeling stronger, not soggier, for the experience. Read on to get his expert advice.

1. Find Support — No one makes it on their own, and most of the resilient people you meet have wide-ranging support systems of friends, family, and colleagues. If you’re lacking loved ones who’ll boost you up and stick with you through thick and thin, consider joining a sports team or professional organization — anything that’ll help you make friends.

2. Take Things In Stride — On every life (and career), a little rain must fall. When bad things happen, you must view them as little potholes in a very long road race.

3. Be Healthy — Mental well-being and physical health are inextricably linked, and if you take care of you body — even by merely eating healthy and walking 20 minutes a day — you can lower stress levels and make yourself more resilient across the board.

4. Take Time to Laugh — Laughter might not be the best medicine, but it’s way up there. Even in your darkest moments, find a way to experience laughter and joy. Sense of humor is key.

5. Be Good to Others — They say that virtue is its own reward, and indeed, being nice to others is good for the soul. When others are kind to you, be sure to show gratitude and be receptive to their efforts. What goes around comes around.

6. Be a Go-Getter — When the going gets tough, don’t just sit around and stew. Resiliency comes from facing problems as they arise and being proactive. Weigh your options, devise a plan, and get the ball rolling.

7. See the Glass as Half Full — In times of trouble, resilient people find a way to be optimistic. No matter how dark things get, reach for those rose-colored sunglasses and remember that each crisis is an opportunity for change, and that change isn’t always a bad thing.

8. Learn From Your Mistakes — The best thing about being resilient? You live to fight another day. The important thing is to go into that new day with the knowledge of the past. He doesn’t learn from history is doomed to repeat it.