At first blush, working from home sounds great. You don’t have to wear fancy clothes or deal with the hassles of commuting, and there’s no face time with overbearing bosses or annoying colleagues. But as Personal Branding Blog writer Leslie Truex writes in a post for, telecommuting isn’t for everyone. Truex outlines “5 Things to Consider Before Telecommuting,” and those form the basis for the following pieces of advice. Read on and decide whether you’re cut out for the stay-at-home lifestyle.

1. Get Some Discipline — When you work from home, you’re mere feet away from your TV and stereo, and then there’s that pile of laundry over in the corner calling your name. Got kids? You’ve got even more distractions. Before you can work from home, you’ve got to make sure you’re the type of person who can fight the urge to step away from your computer and stay on task.

2. Anticipate and Manage Interruptions — Just because you’re home, it doesn’t mean you can watch the neighbors kids or answer phone calls from relatives all day. People need to understand that even though you’re not going to an office, you’re working. Establish ground rules with everyone in your life and make sure no one stands in the way of you and your work.

3. Create a Workspace — Ideally, there’s a room in your house that you can turn into your office. That way, you can shut the door and block out all potential distractions. Not everyone has this kind of spacial luxury, of course, so if you’re not blessed with a home office, make sure you allocate a space you can return to every day.

4. Get the Right Tools — This probably goes without saying, but if you’re going to make a serious go of working from home, you’ll need a fast computer and a high-speed internet connection. If you need peripherals or supplies beyond those basic ones, make sure they’re located near your desk, so you don’t have to keep getting up.

5. Make Peace With Working Solo — One of the things people like about going into an office is interacting with coworkers. At the same time, one of the things people dislike about going into an office is interacting with coworkers. To be a successful telecommuter, you’ve got to be the type of person who’s OK with lone-wolfing it. That said, you can use social media and chat programs to keep in touch with other human beings, and you might even be able to work out a deal where you’re in the office a coupe days a week.