job interview confidence

Wouldn’t it be nice if jobs were like tomatoes at the grocery store, and you could take ’em or leave ’em as you pleased? Unfortunately, you have to interview for them, and that means putting yourself out there and leaving yourself vulnerable to rejection. It’s a crummy feeling that often manifests itself as far. Luckily, Dan Schawbel and his cohorts at the Personal Brand Blog have penned a piece for Business2Community titled “5 Tips to Boost Confidence for a Job Interview.” Read on to get the advice that just land you your dream gig.

1. Get In Touch With Your “Brand” — What makes you a unique employee? Why should this company hire you instead of the other folks trying for the job? Figure this out and project the message.

2. Show You’ve Got the Skills — A big part of a job interview is proving that your skills correspond with the job description. You shouldn’t lie, but if you’re really a good fit, you should be able to tie your experiences to what the hiring managers are looking for.

3. Anticipate the Common Questions — In any job interview, there are bound to be some intangibles, but certain questions come up again and again. “Why are you interested in this job? “What are your experiences doing XYZ?” “Tell us about why you left your last job?” These are some queries they’re likely to throw you way, so prepare some good answers and don’t get caught like a deer in headlights.

4. Project Confidence — This one is obvious, but when you go in, dress nicely, stand up straight, and smile. Make good eye contact, and when you first get there, extend your hand for a shake. The key is to seem confident but not arrogant. No ones likes smarmy interviewees.

5. Remember Your Manners — It pays to be polite. Say “please” and “thank you,” and don’t interrupt the interviewers when they’re talking.