sleep at work

Ever feel like falling asleep at work? Is the sky blue? You may not know whether the sky is blue, since you’re stuck at your desk al day, and as the National Sleep Foundation points out in a helpful post, that’s part of the problem. When we hunker down in our cubes and don’t come up for air, we’re more likely to feel drowsy, and when you couple these sedentary work habits with the lack of sleep common among many people, you’ve got a recipe for dozing. Read these 4 great tips and don’t let your boss catch you with your slumped over in your chair!

1. Take a Pre-Work Stroll — It’s good to get the blood flowing, and if you work a daytime job, this is even more essential. The sunlight will do your body good.

2. Nap When Possible — You probably don’t have the type of job that allows you to nap during break time, but if you do, go for it. Otherwise, try to grab a little shuteye before you go in. As the National Sleep Foundation points out, most people struggle to get nine hours a night, and even brief naps of 15 to 20 minutes will leave you feeling refreshed and more alert.

3. Make Friends with Coffee — This is a no-brainer. Coffee is your friend. That said, the National Sleep Foundation recommends limiting usage to the first part of your shift and then starting to taper off. This stuff stays in your system for hours.

4. Keep on Moving — “When you’re sedentary for too long (for example, at your desk), you’re more likely to become drowsy,” the National Sleep Foundation warns. Luckily, there are ways to beat back the weariness, even if you’ve got a job that keeps you chained to your cubicle. For instance, if you’ve got a job that requires lots of talking on the phone, sup while you’re gabbing. Either way, get up during your breaks and walk around a little. Maybe go around the block or find some stairs in the building.

The foundation ends with a word of caution: Be safe, and if, by the end of your shift, you’re too drowsy to drive a car, be sure to take public transportation.