job interview

One of the toughest things about changing jobs is finding time to interview. If you start asking your boss to leave the office at weird times, it’ll throw up all sorts of red flags. And that’s bad, because the job you’re trying for might not work out, and if your current manager finds out you’re looking around for greener pastures, you might find yourself in the unemployment line. What’s a job seeker to do? He or she can start by reading CareerShift vice president of business development Val Matta’s recent Huffington Post story “4 Tips for Attending Job Interviews Without Your Boss Knowing.” It’s full of great advice for folks looking to make career moves without shooting themselves in the foot.

1. Use Vacation Time — Ideally, those vacay days are supposed to be used for the beach, but if you really want to change jobs, you might have to sacrifice a few to go on job interviews. “When you can, schedule your interviews a week or two in advance to give your boss adequate notice about your planned vacation day,” Matta writes. “You don’t have to be specific about where you are going or what you are doing exactly, but have something in mind in case your boss asks.”

2. Aim for Early or Late — Hiring managers aren’t always cool with doing interviews outside of normal business hours, but if they’re really interested in you, they might be willing to meet with you before or after work. It’s worth a shot.

3. Schedule a Lunch Interview — If you’re one of those fortunate people that actually gets a lunch break, see if the hiring manager can meet you at a cafe near to your office.

4. Don’t Look for Work on Company Equipment — If you don’t want your current employer to know you’re looking for a new job, make sure you don’t use your work computer or phone to seek out opportunities. Your browser history will give you away every time. Also, be sure your social media updates are private. Otherwise, coworkers might know what’s up and start gossiping.